About the School

VAISHNO DEVI ACADEMY (High School) established on 21st April, 2002 near 206 Kheyaghat, Krishnapur, Kolkata – 102, is a dream child of Mr. Apurba Kumar Saha, founder Chairman and Mrs. Amita Roy, who founded it with the vision of imparting total education and in building character of the young minds in and around Rajarhat area. Its growth made the expansion programme of the school take shape on April 18th , 2005 the foundation stone of a six storied building was laid near 206 Kheyaghat and in 2007, the school moved to its new premises and zealously started of with its Play school, Primary & Middle School.
Now the school is going to commence Higher Secondary Education (XI & XII ) from 2018.


Admission is going on for 2018 Academic Year. Application forms are now available for Bengali Medium ( PrakPrathamik-1 to Class VI ) and English Medium ( PlayGroup to Class-X ).

Class X Results 2016 – 17

100% Qualified in the examination. Murli Manohar Mishra has secured 92% marks. Sunaina Tiwari has secured 89.42% & Anukriti Banerjee has secured 86.71%.
“Heartiest congratulations to all the students and teachers for this stupendous achievement”

Reverence 2018

Vaishno Devi Academy (High School), Kolkata will celebrate its 16th Annual Day at EZCC Hall on 23.02.2018. Annual Day Reverence 2018 meticulously planned and flawlessly executed by almost 650 students, made evident and the close cooperation of school management, staff and students.

Academic Excellence

Vaishno Devi Academy (High School), Kolkata has been a frontrunner in providing quality education to all in Kolkata for the past 14 years. With its excellent infrastructure and superior teaching techniques it has become a name to reckon with in the educational scene in this short period of time.

Succeed with VDA

Vaishno Devi Academy (High School) is to inculcate in the younger generation that success is sweetest when it is won against all odds.

Succeed with VDA

Vaishno Devi Academy (High School) is to inculcate in the younger generation that success is sweetest when it is won against all odds.

Stop blending in with the rest of the crowd and start leaving your mark on the society.

Exemplary Infrastructure

Vaishno Devi Academy possesses an extra-ordinary infrastructure of 6 storied building covering an area of 35000 sqm which comprises of spacious classrooms, multipurpose hall along with well-equipped computer and science labs with a separate room for activities(both indoor and outdoor), medical needs etc. The other commendable features include pure and safe drinking water with proper fire-fighting installation devices and CCTV surveillance.

Science Labs

Another exemplary feature is the all modernized science labs which are well-equipped with all the up to date amenities and can accommodate students who will be able to experiment without any fuss and make it a no-accident prone area.

Convivial Demeanour

A congenial atmosphere is the most important aspect of an educational academy. Vaishno Devi Academy is the perfect example of this where students are allowed to flourish in their own particular way and at the same time are bounded by discipline which helps them to grow in life.

Futuristic Computer Labs

Computer is now an integral part of world education and hence special attention is given to our computer labs. The lab is well equipped with a good ratio of computer to students and also large numbers of software packages are installed for better understanding of the project. A WiFi provides 24 hour internet facility for both students and staff.

Scholastic Brilliance

Perfection is the motto of our institution and reaching the zenith with our brilliant achievers is the aim of which we are looking forward to. Hence, achieving that level of brilliance with our students along with the extra ordinary faculty will be our accomplishment for a better tomorrow.

Changing the World

A better tomorrow is something which we all dream however in modern days, it has become a Utopia. Conversely, Vaishno Devi Academy looks forward in putting a small step towards the making of this better society with all her offspring so that this dream can be nurtured

Make your mark in the World with Vaishno Devi Academy (High School)

"I am always going to remain grateful for everything this school did for me and wish for Vaishno Devi Academy’s growth and prosperity in the coming years."

− Siddhartho Bhattacharya, Alumnus of batch 2015

"It was a breakthrough for me, a middle-school teacher of the Vaishno Devi Academy, to get associated with this institution. The experience of teaching here for the past one-and-a-half years had taught me prudence, humility and modesty. Foremost, there is the expected cooperation and cordiality between all the teachers, which is healthy and fruitful. It is really like sunshine amidst all odds that I am a teacher of this school. I am glad to say that the institution has created a difference to me."

− Debanjana Das, English Teacher