Academic Year – January to December.


FOR PLAY GROUP & NURSERY:  It is entirely activity based curriculum where the philosophy behind the curriculum is “We play as we learn and we learn as we play”.

FOR KG-I & KG-II: The instructional plan incorporates the teaching of English, Number work, Vernaculars, Art & Craft, Physical Education, Music, Dance.  To make learning fun and fruitful audio – visual aids are used.

PRIMARY SECTION (Class-I to IV): The curriculum incorporates the teaching of English, Arithmetic, Vernaculars, Environmental education, Science, G.K., History, Geography, Computer Studies, Physical Education, Music, Dance, Art and Craft.

SECONDARY SECTION: (Class – VI to X):  The instructional programme includes Vernacular, English, Mathematics, Physical Science, Environmental Science, Computer Studies, G.K., History, Geography, 3rd Language, Physical Education, Art & Craft, Music & Dance, Games (Indoor & Outdoor).  3rd Language ends in Class-VIII.

Remedial Classes are incorporated at this level.  Soon Smart Classes will become an integral part of the educational programme. Free Coaching Classes are being held for Class – X after school hours.


There is no examination for the children of Playgroup & Nursery class.  For the pupils of Nursery Class bi-monthly assessment of their progress will be made.  For Playgroup, the pupils will be assessed twice a year on the performance in class.  For Prep-I onwards two examinations are held in an academic year – Half-yearly and Annual.  Weekly Assessment Tests are taken from Class-I onwards.


Promotion depends mainly on the performance in the Annual Examination but the performance in the Half-yearly Examination is also taken into account.


For English Medium

PLAY GROUP & Nurserey: 8.00 A.M. TO 10.30 A.M.

KG-1 to CLASS – IV : 7:00 A.M. TO 10.30 A.M.

CLASS-V TO X : 11 A.M. TO 04.45 P.M.

For Bengali Medium

Prak Prathomic to Class II: 7:00 A.M. TO 10.30 A.M.

CLASS-V: 7:00 A.M. TO 12.30 P.M.




* Blue tunic with new school emblem (Classes Nursery to Prep-II)

* Blue pleated skirts with gallis and white blouses (for classes I & II)

* Blue pleated skirt (Without gallis) and white blouse (from class-III onwards).

* Blue cardigans in winter (from Nursery to class IV).

* Navy blue Blazer (compulsory from class V onwards in winter).

* Blue socks, black shoes, blue tie, belt, black hair clips and black hair band.

(short tie from Nursery to Class-IV & long tie from Class-V onwards).


*Blue shorts with gallis and white shirt (from Nursery to Class-II).

* Blue short without gallis and white shirt (from Classes-III to IV).

* Blue full pant from Class-V onwards and white shirt

* Blue sweaters (Nursery to Class-IV in winter)

* Navy blue blazer (compulsory from class-V onwards in winter)

* Blue socks, black shoes, blue tie, belt & badge. (Short tie from Nursery to IV and long tie Class-V onwards).

* Hair must be cut short.


* White divided skirts with gallis and white shirt (Nursery to Class-II)

*  White divided skirts without gallis and white shirt (from Class-III onwards).

*   House T. Shirts (according to House Colour) for special occasions.

*  White socks, white canvas shoes, blue tie, blue belt.



* White short with gallis and white shirt (Nursery to Class-II)

* White shorts without gallis and white shirt (from Class-III to Class-IV)

* White full pants (from Class-V onwards).

* House T. Shirts (according to House Colour) for special occasions.

* Blue tie, blue belt, white socks, white canvas shoes.

P.T Uniform must be worn on days when P.T. classes are conducted and on days when they are notified to wear white uniform. Students wearing dirty and improper uniform will be punished or sent back home.



  • Parents can not meet any teacher without prior permission from the Principal /Administrator.
  • Private tuitions are not arranged by the school.
  • Half-day’s leave is not granted.  In case of emergency written application must be submitted.
  • Correspondence regarding pupil should bear his / her full name, class and section.
  • Any change in address and telephone number must be notified in writing.
  • Insufficient attendance may prevent promotion (minimum 75% attendance is required.)
  • Escort of pupils must carry the current identity card failing which the pupil will be detained in school.
  • Identity card must not be kept in the pupil’s bag.  Every year renewal of Identity Card is mandatory.
  • Usage of old Identity Card is not permissible.
  • Complains if any, must be sent in writing.
  • Absence must be recorded in column provided in the diary.  Absence due to illness must be supported with medical certificate.
  • Promotion will be granted, provided the students secure 40% in all the Terminal Examinations.
  • Pupil failing for two consecutive years in a class will have to be withdrawn.
  • Report cards will not be issued to defaulting pupils.
  • Fee book must be produced at the time of collection of report card.
  • Within two days of the declaration of result, parents must collect the report card of their ward (s).  Thereafter no report card will be issued.
  • Report card should be returned on the next working day duly signed, failing which a fine of Rs. 100/- will be taken.
  • No pupil will be allowed to wear shirts having old school emblem / logo.
  • Damage or Destruction of school property of any kind will be penalized.
  • Mobile phone and watches and valuable must not be brought to school.


The School is governed and controlled by Elected Managing Committee and a highly experienced and dedicated Headmistress. She is supported and assisted by a team of highly experienced teachers who constantly work hard for the betterment of each student to come out in flying colours in their examination.  Teachers are selected on merit basis by the Selection Committee.


For English Medium


Children are admitted in Play Group at the age of 2 years Plus.  Admission for the New Academic Session begins in September.  A copy of the Prospectus and Registration Form should be collected on payment of the necessary charges from the school office.  The Registration Form should be filled in and submitted to the School Office within three days of collection. Admission to Pre-Primary Classes are held on a first – come first served basis.


Depending upon the number of vacancies in these classes, children are admitted.  The age eligibility in Class – I is 6 years on the 1st day of Academic Session.  For admission, children have to appear for an Admission Test in English and Mathematics.  Date of Admission Test will be notified.  The name of short listed candidate will be put up on the School Notice Board.

For Bengali Medium


Children are admitted in prak prathomik- I & II at the age of 4+ years & 5+ years respectively. Admission begins in September for new academic season. Forms and prospects can be collected from school office on ant working days between 8am to 3pm.

  • CLASS -I to X

To get admission in Class-I required age is 6+ years on 1st day of the academic season. Gradually age for all the classes will be determined according to age as per norms of WBBSE.

Please Note:

Patents must submit the following documents at the time of Admission:-

a)Attested copy of the Birth Certificate issued by Govt. Authority.

b)Original Transfer certificate from the Previous School

c)One Passport / Stamp size Photograph.

Registration Forms are available in the School Office during the Working hours only. Payments to be made at the School Cash Counter at the time of taking Admission Form which will be chargeable.

REMEDIAL CLASSES:  Remedial Classes are held from time to time after School hours or on Saturdays which provides opportunity to the academically weak pupils to improve their performance.  They are encouraged to voice their doubts and verify what they are told and taught. Free Coaching Classes are being held for Classes – VIII, IX & X after school hours.