clrshq_IMG_9810Mrs. Barnali Ghosh
Headmistress, Vaishno Devi Academy (High School)

The motto of Vaishno Devi Academy (High School) is to help the children to Learn, Grow and Shine as it is often said that ‘Manners Maketh a Man’. Moral values are imparted to the children which help the children to grow into proper human beings. The teachers imbibe good moral values and thus enable the children to differentiate between good and evil. The teachers are real Gurus to the children – setting an example for the pupils to emulate. Our aim is to make the pupils law abiding and disciplined citizens, worthy of being torch bearers to the nation. A gentleman by gentle deeds is known, said Edmund Spencer.
Thus the education structure in our school is ore humane, objective forward looking system – a system where the children not only grow up with a healthy personality but also with wholesome knowledge for his own as well as nation’s progress.